State drops murder charges against Box Elder woman: Expert report claims Kelly Croyle was a ‘battered woman’ before shooting

In an extraordinary South Dakota case, the interaction between an abusive man and his female victim that led to a lethal shooting was captured in its entirety on video and audio recordings.  The man, a purported drug dealer, had installed surveillance cameras that memorialized his repeated assaults against the woman and his threats to kill her and her family if she were to walk out of her three hour ordeal.  Retained by the prosecutor’s office to provide an objective analysis, Park Dietz, M.D., Ph.D., concluded that the woman acted in self-defense in killing her abuser.  The prosecutor’s office released to the press Dr. Dietz’s report, which is available here or in a link provided in the news story about the prosecutor’s office dropping the murder charge. Click here for the full news story.