PD&A offers forensic experts in a wide range of disciplines based in medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, law enforcement, security, and laboratory forensic science.  The disciplines we cover have expanded over the 17 years we’ve operated as a group as we’ve sought to meet the needs of lawyers litigating criminal, personal injury, family, employment, and elder law cases and as we’ve become increasingly involved in complex litigation, class action suits, and toxic torts.

Each expert has been carefully selected as a leader in his or her discipline and as someone we are confident is of high integrity and consistently produces careful, objective work.  PD&A experts are professionals at the top of their disciplines who know each other and share a common commitment to conduct top quality, objective evaluations and to thoroughly and clearly document and communicate their data, findings, and opinions. 

For many cases, we are able to offer the services of the nation’s best expert on the critical issue in the case.  In others, we may offer a selection of experts who are equally qualified.  During an initial consultation with PD&A you may learn of other ways that you might be assisted by two or more experts from multiple disciplines working independently or jointly.

The links to the right provide examples of the specialized areas of expertise of one or more of our experts within each discipline that we cover.