Civil Experience

Examples of civil matters in which PD&A experts have testified or consulted include those involving:

  • Claims against the Big Brothers, Boy Scouts of America, Y.M.C.A., Roman Catholic Church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses, foster care services, schools, camps, sports teams, hospitals, and other organizations for sexual offenses against children
  • Claims of psychological damages arising from alleged radioactivity and toxic exposures, such as a suit arising from workers at the Hanford Site, and from mass disasters, such as the San Bruno pipeline explosion
  • Claims against property owners, motels, hotels, malls, department stores, convenience stores, and other businesses, schools, and universities for crimes on their premises, including the shootings at the Vera Wang Bridal Salon, the Empire State Building, and Virginia Tech
  • Claims that medications caused a person to commit suicide, homicide, or murder-suicide
  • The suit against the Jenny Jones Show and Warner Brothers for a former guest’s criminal conduct
  • The suit against the Dr. Phil Show and CBS for a show about the disappearance of Natalee Holloway
  • Malpractice and institutional negligence claims such as those arising from patient suicide, murder by a current or former patient, the Ramona “recovered memory” malpractice trial, and the suit against Spring Shadows Glen Hospital for allegedly inducing multiple personality disorder in their patients
  • The Sam Sheppard and O.J. Simpson civil cases
  • The suit against the C.I.A. for alleged brainwashing experiments among Canadian mental patients
  • Claims of undue influence resulting in fiduciary abuse of elders
  • The Orange County bankruptcy litigation
  • Civil suits against Soldier of Fortune magazine for murders for hire contracted through hit man advertisements
  • Civil, criminal, and political questions arising postmortem, as in the Anthrax attack and the explosion aboard the U.S.S. Iowa