Spotlight on Dr. Janet Warren

Dr. Warren is an authority of international stature on sex offenders, extremists, the sexual abuse of minors in youth-serving organizations, prison rape, and more.  She is a Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine with an active research… Read More

Park Dietz on Irish Radio, 10.11.17

10.11.17 – Irish Talk Radio: Park Dietz, MD, PhD, discusses the Las Vegas mass shooting and the media’s responsibility in inspiring copycat attacks.  

Do No Harm: Profiling Evil and Violence in the Workplace

What Dr. Park Dietz wants you to know about mitigating workplace violence, zero tolerance policies, OSHA’s potential legislation and more.  Read the article here: Do No Harm – Profiling Evil and Violence in the Workplace

2015 Psychiatric Education Award

PD&A Child & Adolescent forensic psychiatrist Avram Mack, M.D., has received the 2015 Psychiatric Education Award from the Association for Academic Psychiatry.  In our view, the skills of the superb educator also serve those in the role of a testifying… Read More