Sexual Abuse of Minors

One of PD&A’s most sought-after services has always been expertise in litigation concerning the sexual abuse of minors. We’ve been retained in cases all over North and South America in which thousands of children and adolescents have been sexually abused… Read More

What to Do When There’s An Active Shooter

With mass shootings in schools, theaters, churches and workplaces, experts in threat assessment have come up with advice about what to do.  Click here to read more of Dr. Dietz’s interview on the subject.

Park Dietz on Irish Radio, 10.11.17

10.11.17 – Irish Talk Radio: Park Dietz, MD, PhD, discusses the Las Vegas mass shooting and the media’s responsibility in inspiring copycat attacks.  

Dancing With Devils

Forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz has been shadowing the steps of America’s misfits and monsters for 25 years. Click here to read what he has to say about their bizarre deeds and twisted psyches.