Park Dietz on Irish Radio, 10.11.17

10.11.17 – Irish Talk Radio: Park Dietz, MD, PhD, discusses the Las Vegas mass shooting and the media’s responsibility in inspiring copycat attacks.  

Going Inside The Mind of Serial Killers

Darren Vann, the Indiana man who has reportedly confessed to killing seven women, appeared in court today. At this point, Vann is being charged with the murder of one of those women, 19-year-old Afrikka Hardy, who he allegedly met on… Read More

The Changing World of Forensic Science

Barry A.J. Fisher, past president of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, spent two decades as the director of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s crime labs.  He’s an internationally regarded forensic scientist and leader in his field, and was… Read More

school shooting prevention

Dr. Park Dietz discusses school shooting prevention on CBS Radio Los Angeles.  Dr_Park_Dietz_KNX_6-11-14

What We’ve Learned From School Shootings

When school shootings happen, experts work backwards to connect the dots. After the tragedies at Columbine High School and Virgina Tech, a number of studies have been conducted to identify potential threats. The disclaimer is always the same: every case… Read More

Dr. Park Dietz – KUCI Rado

Dr. Park Dietz joins Heather McCoy in discussing media coverage of mass shootings. To listen, click here.

Dr. Park Dietz – WGN Radio

Dr. Park Dietz joins Mike McConnell to discuss how the media might better handle tragedies such as that in Connecticut. Click here to listen to the audio