Bennett Blum, MD: Forensic Psychiatrist, Sought-After PD&A Expert, and…Rabbi

PD&A expert Bennett Blum, MD, is a board-certified physician specializing in Forensic and Geriatric Psychiatry. A sought-after expert and litigation consultant, Dr. Blum has worked with attorneys, law enforcement, and government agencies on hundreds of cases involving financial exploitation, elder abuse, and undue influence claims. His work regarding testamentary capacity and undue influence claims has been recognized by the US State Department; US Senate Subcommittee on Commerce, Science and Transportation; World Psychiatric Association; National College of Probate Judges; National Guardianship Association; American Bar Association – Commission on Law and Aging; Association of Judicial Disciplinary Counsel; National College of District Attorneys; National District Attorneys Association; University of Chicago School of Law and other law schools; British Columbia Law Institute; and the United Nations.

Dr. Blum is also a rabbi.

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